Friday, February 7, 2014

Safety in the Kitchen: Fire Blankets

Did you know that kitchen grease fires are the most common of home fire emergencies? Which means taking action and precaution against such things can potentially save your family and your home.

With the Kovenex Rapid Response Kitchen Blanket on hand, you'll have the best, most effective first response to smother the fire and keep it from causing further harm.  This is also a great option to place on a tarp in front of the fireplace during a chimney fire to keep it from spreading.

This high quality blanket comes in a handy storage bag, which can be mounted in an easily accessible area until needed. Simply pull open the hook and loop secured front and gain quick access to the blanket.

The patented flame resistance of the Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket is manufactured from a special patented blend of high performance fibers. This fabric has been thoroughly tested to the standards of the NFPA, which also certifies firemen's turnout gear. The unique properties of the blanket provide true flame resistance and heat blocking for reliability in a home fire emergency.

A product that's lightweight and easy to store, the PyroBlanket gives you a valuable tool to respond to a sudden grease fire and safely secure your kitchen and home.

Keep one near the outdoor grill, the garage, in the bedroom, or any place a small fire could start.

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