Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Green Vantage, on PRE-Sale Now!

The Streamlight Vantage is such a popular light that our customers rave about. Now available for pre-order (coming in early March) in Shamrock Green, you can show your irish pride alright!

The Vantage is super small, super bright, and virtually indestructible. This Shamrock Green version of the Vantage is perfect for St. Patricks Day. Featuring a little shamrock on the body, and a green tail light, it truly shows your pride for Green.

Details from our site:

Just like the original Vantage, this shamrock-green model is remarkably compact, lightweight body and the inner workings were originally designed to withstand the shock-after-shock recoil of an automatic weapon in combat conditions. You won’t find a helmet light any tougher. Its waterproof, chemical-resistant anodized aircraft aluminum body; high-impact engineering polymer LED housing; and high-temperature, shock-mounted impact resistant Boro Float glass lens will stand up to intense heat, extreme weather, and all the physical punishment your fire scene, rescue operation, or work environment can deliver. Guaranteed.
C4 LED—almost 3 times brighter than High Flux LEDs. It’s a huge upgrade over even 2nd generation LED technology. In fact the Streamlight C4 premium LED is 7 to 10 times brighter than the first generation LEDs still used in many firefighting flashlights. Yet the new C4 LEDs consume far less energy. The result is a blinding light, far more powerful than any LED before it—with the extended runtime so critical in an unpredictable fire or rescue situation. And because it’s impervious to shock, the primary LED will not break or burn out over its 50,000 hour lifetime.
115 lumens of precisely formed light for over 4 hours.

An ultra-bright green safety tail light LED lets your partners see you when they're following, or searching, even in a smoke-filled room. 
Convenient, long-lived lithium batteries can be changed in seconds. Like the Streamlight Tactical Weapon Lights it’s based on, the Vantage uses two small, lightweight, 3-volt CR123 lithium batteries to power both the main light and an ultra bright green tail light LED. You can carry a set of spares in any pocket. The back of the Vantage can be opened, the batteries changed, and snapped back on again in under 30 seconds, without taking the light off the helmet. And because the lithium batteries have a storage life over 10 years, and are not affected by extreme temperatures, they provide a convenient and extremely reliable source of power. 

Still not sure? Check out all the reviews from Firefighters like you, raving about the Vantage right here.

Don't forget, you can get your Green Vantage on by purchasing via the pre-sale, and expect your Green Streamlight Vantage in the mail come early March!

Get your Green On!

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