Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SureFoot Safety Step

Have you heard of the SureFoot Safety Step, yet? When new, innovative products come out on the market, we're excited to share about them because we like to hear your thoughts, from the people who would use it!

If you don't know what it is, basically, a SureFoot Safety Step is a safe and secure footing when looking to ventilate during a structure fire. What SureFoot did by creating this neat design was to solve the problem of safety when on the roof of the scene. With the Surefoot Safety Step, it makes the process of ventilations both safer for the cutter and for the stabilizer.

Check out this video for a demonstration and to get a better idea of what the Safety Step can do for you:


One thing is for sure: the SureFoot Safety Step saves lives by offering a heavy-duty step to establish a safe and secure footing. Since it's made of a lightweight aluminum, Surefoot attaches quickly to the rail and one rung of a roof ladder, so it's not a big deal to have around.

They recommend having one SureFoot per roof ladder.

To check out the SureFoot Safety Step on our website, click here.

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