Friday, January 10, 2014

Rope Bags!

When it comes to Rope Bags, TheFireStore doesn't mess around! We've got lots of options of rope bags, that range from small, personal escape bags to larger, search pouches. They not only serve their purpose, but they look cool, too!

Here are a sampling of some of our popular rope bags.

Brandywine Personal Escape Bag

Holds up to 50 ft of 8mm NFPA-rated personal escape rope.
  • Made of Cordura nylon with large flap closure and wide Velcro strip to seal rope tight
  • Brass grommet located in bottom of bag to tie off rope
  • Rear of bag has two wide belt loops with Velcro closure to easily fit on belts or scba straps
  • Compact and works well as a self-escape rescue bag
  • Includes 50 ft of NFPA 8mm Lifeline and (1) Aluminum NFPA Carabiner
  • Available in Black, Blue, Red and Yellow

This small rope bag is constructed of heavy duty cordura nylon. It has a height of 7.5" to 9" when filled with Personal Escape rope and a diameter of about 4'. It comes with a chrome swivel snap hook for easy attachment to your gear. Lime/Yellow triple trim circles the bag, making it very visible. Yellow rope comes with black, blue and red bags. Orange rope comes with yellow bag.

This bag was designed to hold life safety rope. It can hold up to 175ft of 1/2" superstatic nylon rescue rope. Bag is white with the words "LIFE SAFETY ROPE" printed in black. Includes quick release shoulder strap.

This bailout bag kit delivers a quick escape option. Custom-made for, the lightweight and compact bag kit offers unique storage for the caribiners, rope, and Rescue Drag Strap while providing easy access and excellent deployment. Available as a complete kit or bag only.

Works well on belts and is also compact enough to fit in your turnout coat or pant pocket.
  • Constructed of Cordura Nylon with a heavy-duty velcro front closure
  • Lime/Yellow Triple Trim Striping adds visibility
  • Rear contains Two Velcro Loop Tabs for easy donning and doffing
  • Great for storing a Highway Safety Vest
  • Can hold up to 50ft of Rolled 1" Tubular Webbing

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Gracestefan said...

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