Friday, January 17, 2014


It's a sin to not tell you when our coveted Cairns Leather helmets are on sale, and especially at prices slashed at 23%?? We cannot let this go unmentioned!

Right now you can get yourself a Sam Houston or New Yorker helmet for 23% less, which is a heck of a savings when it comes to a product like this you'll own and pass down for generations!

When it comes to leather, Cairns is the name in the game.

N6A's & N5A's are the original leather helmet. Handcrafted to meet today's performance requirements. Individually fitted, hand shaped, hand stitched, and hand trimmed!

They retain the same authentic look and quality that generations of firefighters have relied on for years. Cairns has over 170 years of experience to draw upon, so the quality and craftsmanship of these helmets cannot be beat. They are THE helmet to own.

Available in different colors, different configurations, with different eye protection options to meet the standard your department needs.

Check out our leather sale, here.

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