Friday, January 3, 2014

Fire Cam: HD Fire Helmet Camera

Ever try explaining all that is you do and see while inside those burning buildings to someone and they just don't understand? Well, with the Fire Cam HD Fire Helmet Camera you can let them see for themselves! Also a great product that works for training scenarios, this product, created by a firefighter for fighters will not disappoint! 

It's one of the smallest helmet cameras in the world, at only 4"L x 10mm diameter and weighing in at only 4oz. Meaning, this isn't a bulky product that will get in your way or mess with your safety at all! In fact, it includes the BlackJack helmet holder which is custom made specifically for this camera. It'll stay in place, while filming all the nitty gritty of what's going on inside the scene.

It's simple yet brilliant design makes it the leading in Fire Cam's out there. At 1080x720 HD (or 720 for the mini), with a 12MP camera/ 20fps with audio OR 720x 60 for amazing slow motion shots! This is literally an amazing camera that's able to provide you with the coolest and clearest HD footage. The HD Fire Cam is waterproof up to 33 feet! 

The Fire Cam along with the BlackJack mount meet NFPA requirements, which means they are intrinsically safe when the solid waterproof cap is utilized.

Ready to check out the footage? Easy! Just hook it up to your computer using the USB cable or pull out the SD card (not included) and pop it in a reader. You'll be viewing your behind-the-scenes footage in no time.

Check out this great video which simply breaks it down how to use:

Sold on getting a Fire Cam? We don't blame you. Get the mini for as low as $209.99, today.

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