Monday, January 27, 2014

10% off Hoods, Don't Miss Out!

Right now with code MAJTENOFF you can get 10% off our ever-growing collection of awesome hoods!

It's absolutely no secret what a massive stock we have in hoods. Tons and tons to choose from, variations in colors and styles, length and material---heck, we have superhero hoods, and those worn to support breast cancer awareness. Hoods Galore!

In fact, sometimes, our huge selection of hoods can be a little overwhelming. PacII, PacIII, what does it all mean? This awesome video will help clear up all the little details you're curious about before you pick out the hood that suits your personality just right.

All cleared up now?

Good! Head on over to pick out your hood, today. And don't forget code MAJTENOFF to get your 10% discount at checkout!

Happy Hoods Day!

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