Wednesday, December 11, 2013

*New Color Options* Bunker Gear Wallets

Our Bunker Gear Wallets are already a hit, but we've just recently expanded our color options with the orange triple trim to cater to everyone's personal or department preferences when it comes to their reflective trim.

We know that you're either the yellow triple trim-type or a red/orange-type, so now that preference can be expressed through your bunker gear wallet, too!

These wallets are great because there are so many types of folds, and styles, so every guy carrying has the exact kind he's used to and better yet, prefers.

From our site:

"The exclusive TheFireStore Bunker Gear Wallet is made with PBI Black Matrix material reinforced with a Kevlar filament grid for superior tear strength and abrasion resistance—the same stuff that protects firefighters. Hi-vis orange and silver triple trim is stitched on the outside front and features TheFireStore branded flame. The inside of the wallet is 100% genuine leather with plenty of space for your credit cards and ID’s. The money pocket is 4.5″ deep and 7″ wide."

The Bunker Gear Wallets are going to be a hot item under the tree this year.

Hurry now and get yours!

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