Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

We just want to take a minute to thank all our Veterans on this day. For your courage, your honor, your hard work, love for this country, and willingness to serve. We honor you and all you've done. Thank you so much for protecting our freedom.


Some of our favorite American Pride products:

The Original 6-Part USA reflective flag for all traditional style fire helmets. This flag is made with printed HIGHLY reflective 3M material.

  • Exclusive 100% 2-Ply, Spun Woven Polyester Fabric Resists High Winds
  • Open Weave Reduces Fabric Stress
  • For Longest Wear
  • The Longest Lasting Flag Made

Available in two sizes! Small size perfect for your helmet! Large: 3" X 4-1/4" Small: 1-3/4" x 2-1/4"

  •  American flag feathered eagle holding gold leaf Maltese Cross
  •  Actual logo size: 4” diameter lighted area
  •  Operates automatically ON and OFF via multiple sensor technology
  •  Simple installation with 3M VHB material; no tools required—just peel and stick
  •  Includes 1 lens, LED base and extra set of mounting clips
  •  Logo lenses are interchangeable and available separately--collect them all!

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Show your American Pride with this unique helmet flag that fits neatly into the Tetrahedron part of your helmet. This flag is made with Two layers of Non-Printed HIGHLY reflective 3M material. Each decal is twice as thick and reflective as any of our competitors.

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