Wednesday, November 6, 2013

10% Off EMI Products

Right now, all EMI Gear is 10% off in celebration of their 35 years in the business. EMI Gear might just sound like it's all products for the EMT versus Firefighter--but that's not the case! They sell many great products that our Firefighters love to keep handy. So why not grab them why they're 10% off?

Here are a few things you might need as a Firefighter:

Quick-Pik 6" Shove Knife

Open interior doors residential or office doors with ease…and usually without damage. This versatile little tool is often the quickest, easiest, and least destructive way to open locked interior doors in residences or offices with simple “key in knob” locks. The clever design lets you use the knife from either side of the door.

Spring Loaded Window Punch

Spring-loaded Brass Window Punch: Delivers the concentrated impact you need to break out vehicle windows quickly, easily, and safely. Deeply knurled solid brass handle provides a sure grip, even through heavy protective gloves. Just push it against the window and let the powerful spring action and hardened tip do its job…so you can get on with doing yours. Adjustable spring force for light or heavy loading. Hardened tip.

Fire Power 7 in 1 Rescue Tool
  • Includes pliers, cutter, gas shut off, pry bar, spanner wrench, seat belt cutter and window punch
  • The spring loaded cushioned hand grips fit comfortably in your hand
  • It’s unique locking clip secures the tool and allows for stability and accurate performance
  • Retractable window punch, so you won’t rip holes in your pockets
  • Made from high carbon steel, approx.10.5" L / weighs 26 oz.
  • Durable black nylon holster available separately or as a tool/ sheath combo (Save $3)

  • XL Flashback Five is now 18.75" long.
  • 20 LEDs; multiple color & flash combinations
  • Can be seen up to 1 mile in all directions
  • Ensures visibility day or night, in any weather
  • Magnetic tailcap base mounts on vehicles
  • Ideal for police, EMS, fire, 1st responders or civilian emergency use

These and more great products a firefighter could use, 10% off, on our website right now!

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