Friday, October 4, 2013

The NASCAR Experience//Recap

If you haven't heard yet about TheFireStore sponsoring #40, TJ Bell, on the raceways in the Nationwide Series this past weekend you may be living under a rock. Because our excitement over this first-time-venture was out of this world, and we've been talking about it and posting pictures all over our Facebook Page!

It's safe to say that we had a great time dipping our toes in the NASCAR water and enjoyed the experience of working with all the people involved, and especially our driver, TJ Bell, who was just a pleasure to be with and an all-around great guy.

Check out this interview with TJ and a better view of the racecar:

Everyone behind the scenes at NASCAR made us feel welcomed in the garage, in the hours leading up to the race, showed us the lay of the land, and made sure we were taken care of. We enjoyed meeting new firefighters, NASCAR workers, and watching the race itself from those incredible seats!

We were so proud of the design-job on our car. No one could stop talking about how sharp, put together, and professional our design turned out, in fact people referred to our car as "sexy" and we would have to agree. Meow. And with the names of the Fallen Firefighters on the back, TJ Bell seemed honored to carry them with him on his race that day.

We loved that people were coming up to the car, looking for specific names, finding their loved ones or people they knew--it gave that personal connection to #40 and it was just plain cool to see.

It didn't just look good in the garage, it looked awesome on the raceway, too!

Our crew had such an amazing time on race day, and couldn't miss an opportunity for a photo with everyone surrounding the car on the track. Some of them reported that being in the pit, and surrounded by all of the drivers and excitement was probably the best part of the day!

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The day following the race, TJ & his family came to our town's Fall Fest and spent some time handing out fliers and meeting new faces. Our CEO & President, Jim & Ruth Witmer were able to spend a little time getting to know TJ and his family more.

But it didn't stop there. While TJ was in town he wanted the full firefighter experience. So, Jim showed him the ropes at the East Brandywine Fire Company where he's been a member of for years and years. They spent a good, long time there, touring around, meeting more firefighters, checking out the trucks, and TJ even went on a call with the Chief! Awesome!

photo courtesy of TJ Bell's FB Page
Overall, the experience leading up the race was great. Our partnership with Hero Energy Shot and National Fallen Firefighters to make this all workout went seamlessly. We enjoyed getting to know TJ and sponsoring him in this race. We had an amazing time at the race itself, and the day following the race just sealed the deal.


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