Monday, September 9, 2013

Training Guides, Supplies, Books & more!

We pride ourselves on selling everything but the truck. One thing you may not be aware of that we sell are our products related to training!

Training is an important and integral part of the industry. We sell books and guides ranging in everything from EMS Field Guide to Fire Officer Field Guides.

We've got manikins and simulaids to be used while training so trainees can get the best, most real-to-life experience possible.

Everything from a full blown Rescue Jennifer, to baby CPR manikins, to water rescue manikins

We also carry some other great training devices, like our FireCam which can be mounted onto your helmet and then video footage is recorded while you're in a training scenario. Later, the footage can be reviewed and a trainer can use it as a great teaching device. Our great TFS Exclusive Forcible Entry Simulator is also an awesome way to train a group of firefighters fast. 

Check out our entire training section on our website for smoke machines and more!

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Melissa Haley said...

Fire prevention education is very important, yesterday I heard the news that a 14 year girl die due to a fire, we must teach our children how to take care of themselves when firing out, thefirestore you have to create a Wikipedia page for your blog to educate more people