Monday, September 16, 2013

Cairns 1044 on Sale, Today!

Right now you can save 10% on the ever popular Cairns 1044 Helmet

The 1044 is a traditional-style helmet, that's not only good looking but will protect you to the fullest! It's got an awesome matte finish look to it that many firefighters love, with a tough fiberglass and high-temp resin composite which resists cracking and chipping.

It has such a great lightweight design making it a helmet that  firefighters rave about. With it's six-way overhead suspension strap system it reduces shock transmission at the top of your helmet while also providing a secure, comfortable fit on your head.

The 1044 is available in the standard or deluxe edition and is offered in white, black, yellow and red, with various choices of eyewear: 4" Faceshield, Bourkes Eyeshield, ESS Goggles, Defender or a combo. Every variation is available to suit your needs.

Shop Cairns 1044's now and save

(pssst....Cairns 1010's are also 10% off, so take your pick!)

*sale subject to end at anytime!

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