Friday, August 30, 2013

If you don't own a Turnout Gear Wallet, now's the time!

We've talked about these wallets before, but they're worth being talked about again. TheFireStore Exclusive Turnout Gear Wallets have been a hot selling, fun item for us and we love talking about them because they're unique, well made, and a product you'll love.

These handy little wallets come in all different styles. If you want them in Black or Tan, we have those options. We have them in bi-fold, tri-fold, available to hold a badge--whatever fits your wallet needs.

These wallets are the ultimate firefighter gift, being made from real bunker gear makes them that much cooler. Made from a Gemini PB material and reinforced with a kevlar filament grid that gives it superior tear strength and abrasion resistance. Basically, the same stuff that protects firefighters.

The Hi-vis lime and silver triple trim is stitched  on the outside front and features a small TheFireStore branded flame. The inside of this awesome wallet is 100% genuine leather with plenty of space for all your credit cards, ID's, and more.

Custom badge cutouts are available, too! For more info on dimensions of specific wallets, check them out on our website, here.

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