Monday, July 1, 2013

Get Prepared for the 4th!

This week you'll be celebrating the holiday with fireworks, family fun, great events and parades. Are you prepared for all the things you need? There's still time to get some last minute products for Thursday by adding some upgraded shipping so it can make it to your doorstep.

Here are our suggestions for some categories of products you may find useful!

HI-VIS Gear/Traffic Control

We have an amazing stock of high-visibility products and traffic control to help with your events this 4th of July! Whether you need traffic cones, fire police vests, or hi-vis street barricades, we've got you covered at TheFirestore.


No doubt the 4th brings fun, but it can also bring potential dangerous situations. It always pays to have first-aid kids on hand when dealing with possible burns, scrapes or other various wounds.


There's no doubt the temps and humidity out there has been fierce lately. Don't let your hydration take a back seat, take it seriously! Dehydration can cause serious issues and sickness. Stay on top of your health and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We have plenty of great hydrating options on our website, from CamelBak water bottles to backpack hydration systems.

TheFireStore is a great place to shop and stock up for Special Event needs!

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