Monday, June 10, 2013

On Scene Review: the Wedge-It

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This week we are reviewing the Open Door Wedge-It.  It was tested and reviewed over a two-month period by members of the Stafford County (Virginia) Fire and Rescue Service

The “WEDGE IT” was tested for several weeks during a recent Stafford County’s Recruit Academy. It is lightweight and easy to use.

The WEDGE IT is easily placed on the closure side of the door hinge. The tool fits on residential as well as commercial door hinges.  The WEDGE IT fits on bottom, middle and top hinges equally and prevents the door from closing.

It can also be utilized as an under-the-door wedge as well as a door stop to prevent the door from complete closure. 

The “WEDGE IT” is a valuable, lightweight tool to add to our turnout gear. It ensures that a doorway can be maintained in an open position for ingress or egress and can also be used to control ventilation by securing an open door limiting air entry into the space. 

The “WEDGE IT” is easily placed on the bottom hinge of a door to ensure that the door remains open and accessible while performing a low search but can also be placed on the middle and top hinges to perform the same functions. 

The “WEDGE IT” was used as a floor /door wedge and as a door jamb stop and worked well during each application. The rubber coating on its edges provides great gripping strength and allows for the “WEDGE IT” to not skid on any floor surface.  The large surface area behind the wedge portion of the tool makes for easy handling. The tool is easily handled but does not take up valuable pocket space. Also, the price is very reasonable making it very affordable for personal use.

After using it repeatedly in different configurations, we recommend the “WEDGE IT” to anyone looking for pocket tools to enhance fire ground efficiency and safety.   

Mathew Warren, Lieutenant
Stafford County Fire and Rescue Training Division

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