Friday, May 10, 2013

New Product: Pro-Tech 8: X Plus Extrication Glove

We're excited about the brand new, Pro-Tech 8 X Plus Extrication Glove, and to be able to share it with you, today! Priced affordably and ready to take on the tough jobs, these gloves are definitely worth the extra look.

All outer layer of the Pro-Tech 8 X Plus Extrication Gloves are flame resistant. They're made with a  durable rubberized Kevlar and water resistant leather palm, making the grip great and comfortable at that. The 50% Kevlar/50% cotton blend inner liner helps to make sure you still have all the feel you need in the gloves and comfort, while still having additional cut resistance.

The breathable polyurethane barrier provides resistance against bloodborne pathogens and helps make your safety a top priority. The barrier also helps to keep your hands dry and protected.

You'll also notice it has rubberized Kevlar and an additional layer of rubber and silicon carbide in the knuckle guard, and uses 100% Kevlar high burst thread throughout the entire glove structure. They didn't take the shortcut when designing these gloves, that's for sure.

The Pro-Tech 8 X Plus Extrication gloves are available in a cool red and yellow color, and available in size XS through 3XL.

Get a pair, today!

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