Friday, May 31, 2013

NEW Bright Star Responder Right Angle LED, Slimmer & Better than Ever!

The New Bright Star Responder Right Angle LED with 170 powerful lumens is a light you need to know about!

The slim and compact profile of this light is what makes it so attractive. Compared to other right angle lights, this one is much slimmer making it lighter and less likely to jostle around when you're on the scene.

This light only weighs 11oz (without battery) which makes it easy to carry or clip on your gear without feeling like you're being weighed down.

One of it's highlights is the interchangeable power supply with the Lithium Ion Rechargeable or AA Alkaline Battery. The battery charge indicator helps you keep tabs on the power so you can stay ahead of the game.

Another highlight of the New Bright Star Responder is the smoke cutting beam with Advanced Optic Technology from its Wide Eye Lens. It also has an extremely durable yet lightweight body and the oversized push button switch which makes it easy on for gloved hands. The stainless steel clip on the back is perfect way to clip that bad boy onto your gear, and light up the scene.

Available with alkaline or rechargeable battery options, we've got the New Bright Star Responder Right Angle for you.

Get your own here. 


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