Monday, April 22, 2013

Second Amendment Water Bottles

It's no secret that the talk of gun laws changing has been a hot topic up for great debate in our country over the last few months. The right to bear arms is one right that many people take very seriously and don't want messed with.

We've recently designed the Exclusive 2nd Amendment Support CamelBak Water Bottles that we know the gun-loving folk will just adore and be proud to carry around. We have a few designs to choose from, as shown below.

With the catchy slogans and eye-popping designs, these bold, yet understated CamelBak water bottles are ones you can proudly carry while taking a stance.

You can get "Armed & Fabulous" for the gun-loving lady, in pink of course (with a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon!), or "Have a Blast Trying to take the 2nd", in a cool, gray color. Or just a simple, "I (heart) My Gun", with a fun eye-catching design. Or you can go with the blue bottle, sporting a Jefferson quote, carbine & flag.

Right now, on our site, when you click to order one of our 2nd Amendment Bottles, you get the option to add a $1 Donation to The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and if you do, we'll match your $1.

If you don't own a CamelBak water bottle yet, let me tell you why you should. These are such great water bottles for just bite the valve, sip and enjoy. They are leak-proof, spill-proof, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and easily attach to a carbiner for convenient, simple traveling. They're the kind of water bottle that make drinking water fun.

The 2nd Amendment Support CamelBaks are where it's at for gifts this year. They'd make great birthday gifts, or even Mothers & Fathers day gifts.

Shop our Exclusive 2nd Amendment Water Bottles, today!