Friday, March 15, 2013

Looking for steals? Shop Clearance, today.

It always pays to pop over to our Clearance section every now and again to check out the items we're offering at a killer deal! Whether the seasons are off, or we have an overage of a product, or simply because we need more room on the shelf for new stuff-the clearance section is always stocked and priced at a bottom line to sell.

Right now, some of the items in our clearance section that deserve a look are featured below:

This coat is great because it's multi-season which means you don't have to own multiple coats anymore! Whether you're on or off duty this jacket will do you no wrong. Check out the Lion StationWear jacket in midnight navy, here. (limited sizes available)

Bright, dependable and rechargeable?! How can you go wrong with this PolyStinger LED light, rated intrinsically safe for even the most hazardous of environment. Check out more details on the PolyStinger here. 

With a snug-fit design, these Ringers gloves are awesome and have a 3mm shock absorbing gel palm padding that make comfort the leading factor. (limited sizes available)

For a great comfort boot, that are waterproof, made of leather/nylon combination, and 100% blood borne pathogen resistant, check out the 5.11 Tactical HRT Boots. (limited sizes available)

For more killer deals, Shop TFS Clearance today!

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