Monday, February 18, 2013

New Product: Leatherman Z-Rex Glass Breaker and Multi-Tool

Looking for a good Grip It & Rip It tool? The new Leatherman Z-Rex Glass Breaker and Multi Tool may just be the one for you!

There are lots of glass breakers and seatbelt cutters on the market, it's true. But, the Z-Rex is the first to pull all of the one-off features into a lightweight, easy and comfortable to use tool!

It features replaceable and indexible v-notch cutters, that can simply be flipped around for a fresh edge right away, or replaced completely at a later time.

It has two wrenches, one for oxygen and one for Hex, that are built right into the body of the tool! While most other tools use a stainless steel that takes much more user-force, Leatherman uses a Tungsten Carbide for the glass breaker tool making it a one-strike deal. 

The finger hole, Ergo grip and powder-coated aluminum body make this one of the coolest and comfortable tools on the market. It's backed by it's 25 year warranty--so really, how could you go wrong?

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