Monday, February 25, 2013

Featuring the Honeywell Evolution Helmet

Bringing you a hot, new helmet out on the scene, the Honeywell Evolution--the only traditional helmet on the market below 50 ounces in weight! This means this helmet is up to 14% lighter than leading competitive brands and that's something to talk about.

It's packed with a leather headband and ratchet cover with a mesh crown, has superior comfort due to it's low profile design, and great balance giving it an optimal fit! Thanks to all the right specs and safeties, this bad-boy is NFPA approved, making it one you can feel utmost protected in.

The Evolution Helmet is called just that, the Evolution, because it represents yet another milestone in the history of championing innovation and bringing revolutionary products to the fire service. The progressive and innovative design of the Evolution is packed with cutting edge features and unmatched performance. The sleek, lightweight design improves overall functionality making it superior in quality and a helmet that you must consider.

Want to check out more details of this great, new helmet? Perfect, we'd love you to.

The Honeywell Evolution. 

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