Monday, January 14, 2013

On Scene Review: Honeywell Kangaroo Leather Super Glove, NFPA

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This week we are reviewing the Honeywell Kangaroo Leather Super Glove. The gloves were tested by members of the Haledon Fire Department in Haledon, New Jersey, and are reviewed by Firefighter/EMT Rick Genberg. Their experience and comments on the gloves are included here:

I was asked to try Honeywell’s Kangaroo leather Super Glove, product code GL-SGKCG from TheFireStore.  

I was intrigued by the fact the glove is made of Kangaroo leather. When I received the glove I realized that I already had been using the same glove for several years without knowing it and I absolutely LOVE this glove.  

So I passed the gloves around my fire company and several people tried them out for a week at a time. Here are some observations:

*  The kangaroo leather gloves have almost no break in time and regain form quickly after being wet and wrung out. They have none of the stiffness traditional leather gloves have after getting wet and drying.

*  The fit around the finger webbing and the flexibility in the thumb were particularly appreciated.  The overall flexibility allowed for easier use of fingers and better dexterity over traditional gloves.

*  As many of us now have the wristlet style cuff on our turnout coats the Super Gloves with their short cuff are a better fit than the normal leather gloves with the long cuff.

*  Picking up small tools or connecting hose couplings were much easier using these gloves.

My own observations having used this style gloves for several years is that its durability is the same or better than cowhide leather gloves. In my mind the best quality of the glove is that it never loses the soft, broken-in feeling despite hard use. I don’t plan on ever using any other type of interior firefighting glove again. I whole-heartedly recommend this glove to any firefighter looking for gloves.

.......... Rick Genberg, Haledon Fire Co. 1.

Also trying out these gloves were Captain Tom Bakker Jr. and 2LT Alex Maletto of Haledon Fire Co. 1 

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