Monday, January 7, 2013

On Scene Review: Full Perimeter Trim

 -Our blog, On Scene with TheFireStore & The FireGeezer Blog are working together doing a review program of products we think you'll benefit from hearing an inside perspective. -

This week we are reviewing TheFireStore's Full Perimeter Trim (FPT) helmet stickers.  The stickers were tested by members of the Haledon Fire Department in Haledon, New Jersey, and are reviewed by Firefighter/EMT Rick Genberg.  Their experience and comments on the trim are recorded below

My fire company tried out the Full Perimeter Trim (FPT) reflective helmet stickers and gave them a variety of tests over a few weeks time. These are designed to fit Cairns traditional style fire helmets, which are what our department use. Wearing them on their helmets were firefighters Brenda Alvarez and Antonio Valenti. Evaluating them was Assistant Chief Chris Bakker, Captain Tom Bakker Jr., 2LT Alex Maletto, and myself, all of Haledon Fire Co.1. 

We quickly realized that these decals are designed for standalone use on fire helmets. Our helmets and those used by most of the other departments around us come standard with yellow reflective trapezoid stickers. Any department wishing to use these would have to specify their installation or specify no stickers when ordering their helmets and install the decals themselves.

We utilized the decals in two different ways. On one older helmet which had the original reflectors peeling we replaced the several of the old style decals with the FPT. On another, we installed them in conjunction with the original reflectors below them around the bottom of the helmet. 

Here are some the observations coming out of the product test:

-The visual style of the Full Perimeter Trim was well liked and everyone appreciated that they come in different color styles (67 in all). Suggested uses of the different colors would be to signify the position of the person wearing that color (ie.. officers, juniors, EMT, inspector, etc…) or even differentiating different companies in the same department.

-Placed on the bottom of the helmet with trapezoidal yellow ones above, the helmet’s reflectivity particularly stood out. However, most of our company uses some sort of band around the bottom to hold various small items like chocks and utility knives. This would block the FPT utilized this way. One suggestion is that reflective band of the style of the FPT be utilized.

-When compared to the original yellow stickers for reflectivity, the FPT seems to not be as bright, even if only slightly so.

-The Full Perimeter Trim seems to hold up well, having gotten wet and been dried, banged around, and having been exposed to sunlight. We were unable to test their durability under exposure to high heat, or to judge how well they hold up after a prolonged period of use. 

Everyone appreciated the visual style of the Full Perimeter Trim and gave them good marks.  The decals are well made and seem to hold up and serve their purpose.  However, as a company we would be unlikely to order them because of some of the already-existing above mentioned factors.  If you plan ahead when ordering your helmets, then they would be ideal.


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