Monday, December 3, 2012

On Scene Review: Honeywell Eclipse Kangaroo Leather Gloves

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This week we are reviewing the Honeywell Eclipse Kangaroo Leather Convertible Cuff Glove.  The gloves were tested and are reviewed by Firefighter Charlie Freeman of the Stafford County Virginia Fire & Rescue Service.  His experience and comments on the gloves are below:

The timing was just right for me to try out these gloves because I received them just a few days before I conducted an all-day training program.  This allowed me to try the Honeywell Eclipse Kanga gloves in a variety of situations and uses.

When I first tried on these gloves I noticed that the fingers and the palm area were a little more bulky than the previous gloves that I am accustomed to.  They fit well in the finger area but seemed like there was extra room between the inner liner of the glove and the outer shell of the glove. The inner liner, however was extremely soft and comfortable. 

These gloves are cuffed at the end to allow for a good seal to keep debris from entering the glove. 

Honestly, at first they just seemed to be another pair of gloves that really didn’t stand out or impress me until I had a chance to wear them in a working fire, and that changed my mind about them.  The main difference that I noticed about these gloves is that the inner lining stayed somewhat drier than the other gloves I have worn in the past. When the outer shell of the glove was soaked, the inside of the glove kept most of the moisture from getting to my hands and fingers. We all know that wet hands in a fire or wet hands in the cold are not conducive to a happy firefighter.  

All and all it was a decent glove to use.  The only down side is the bulkiness of the glove, but the plus side is how well it handles the moisture. 

Firefighter Charlie Freeman
Stafford County Fire & Rescue


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