Friday, October 19, 2012

The New Survival Straps!

We absolutely love the survival straps and we know you do, too.

Just recently they've come out with even cooler straps that have "Tags" on them as shown. We have wounded warrior tags, firefighter tags, EMS tags and Police.

These awesome paracord bracelets are now available with either a plastic slide release, or a stainless steel shackle, giving you the options!

They're also available in traditional or light duty, and range in size from 5"-9" sizes, so there's one for everyone.

Here are some of the more specific details from the website:

Here's the breakdown of details:
  • This Survival Bracelet™ is expedition ready, super stylish
  • Made in America with a portion of the proceeds going to support America's heroes
  • Contains up to 10’ of “light duty” or regular paracord. Light duty paracord uses only the outer sheath of the military spec paracord. We take the center strands of the paracord out to make the bracelet super thin. Because of this, the breaking strength of this cord approximately is 250 pounds
  • The regular paracord breaking strength is approximately 550 pounds.
  • In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the light duty paracord for your use
  • If you use it in an emergency, send us your story and a photo and we’ll replace it for free
  • The stainless shackle adjusts on your wrist and contains a break away safety feature
  • If your bracelet has an officially licensed logo, it is super durable and won’t scratch, rust, or show fingerprints

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