Monday, September 10, 2012

Product Review: True North DragonWear T-Shirt

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 This week we are reviewing the True North DragonWear FR PowerDry T-Shirt.  It was field-tested by Firefighter/EMT Rick Genberg of the Haledon Fire Department in Haledon, New Jersey.

I recently had the chance to evaluate the DragonWear Men’s FR PowerDry shortsleeve t-shirt from True North.  It is available in two colors and I received the blue XL t-shirt.

The first thing I noticed about the shirt was the feel. Of the many sweat-wicking undershirts I have tried in the Army and the fire service, this one has the most cotton-like feel of any of them, which I greatly appreciated. I never felt like I was wearing anything other than an ordinary cotton t-shirt, yet the sweat-wicking capabilities were on par with other shirts with the same purpose. As a bonus, I experienced none of the chafing I have had wearing other brands.

At the height of a very hot and humid summer in the Northeast I wore the t-shirt under both my EMS duty shirt and turnout coat a number of times. The shirt felt very cool and comfortable, yet with minimum of soaking. I also ran the shirt through several wash and dry cycles at high temperatures and yet, as far as I can tell, there was no shrinking, something I can’t say for other brands I have used.  The only feature of the shirt I couldn’t test and I hope I will never have to is the flash resistance.

The price is quite comparable to other performance shirts, a bargain even, given its durability.  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a performance undershirt for duty wear.
.......... Firefighter Rick Genberg,
Haledon, New Jersey, Fire Department.

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