Monday, June 25, 2012

On Scene Review: Pro-Tech's I.C.E. Extrication Glove

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The past two tours we have been testing Pro-Tech's I.C.E. Extrication Gloves and overall had good results with them.

"At first, the extra padding in the palm seemed to be a little too much. However after some use and break-in, the glove fits comfortably and the padding does allow for good grip. Also, it provides less vibration from tools such as a reciprocating saw to affect the hands."
- Lt. Talsey Cunningham

"Dexterity in the glove is not compromised, hydraulic couplings were easily connected and disconnected."
- Technician II Sean Seawell

"The elastic band in the cuff successfully prevents glass and small debris from entering the glove."
- Sgt. Eric Chenault

Overall, the glove takes a little getting used to, but it is well made and will definitely protect the wearer.

Lieutenant Talsey L. Cunningham,
Operations Command, Emergency Services Division
Stafford County Fire & Rescue Department

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