Monday, June 18, 2012

On Scene Review: Channellock 368 Tool

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I had the opportunity to test out the Channellock 368 for the first time. One of the new changes that Channellock made was moving the pivot point (rivet) closer to the cutting edge of the tool which gives noticeably more leverage, and thus requires considerably less effort.

I currently have a pair of the old style (350S) in my bunker gear so I was able to compare both tools against one another, judging the required force cutting numerous different materials. I used it on the wire that ties ceiling tile grid, battery cables, miscellaneous different wire and cord materials.

I also tested the two tools with crimping using the outside and the inside crushing areas. There was noticeable difference in the tool's performance.  The new style did not require as much effort in cutting all of the different materials. The old style worked fine, but it was just a little easier with the new one.

The size is relatively the same length as the Channellock 350S that I had before, but it is just a little heavier yet about 1 inch shorter. The biggest difference between the 368 and the 350S is the dog leg handle on the 350S.  The 368 only has the straight handle. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this tool to other firemen. It seems durable and long-lasting just like the 350S that I have had for years. It is definitely a tool to keep in my pocket.

The tool is made in the USA and that also makes it a lot more appealing to me.

Lieutenant Kyle Murphy
Rescue Engine 14

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