Monday, May 14, 2012

Product Highlight: Pelican 2720 Gesture Activated Headlamp

A gesture-activated headlamp? You've gotta see this to really get it. Watch this short clip.

You have to admit, turning on your headlamp with the wave of a hand (gloved, wet, or oily) is so much cooler and convenient compared to the click of a button.

But Pelican's 2720 Gesture-Activated Headlamp does just that, and this is no dinky light! With an output of  80 lumens high, 5 lumens low, it'll surely help light up the scene. It's got dual red night LED, signaling red (S.O.S) beacon light, variable light output (from 100%-10%), and optical 4x magnification!

If you're in the market for a headlamp, this is it!

So come on by our website to view more product details and add it to your cart!

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