Friday, April 27, 2012

You and A Review: Meet Jim K., FF/EMT

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Name: Jim Kuzmak
Fire Department: Wm. Walker Hose Co.
Title/Rank: FF/EMT
Years in Service: 17


How long have you shopped with TheFireStore? 

I've shopped with TheFireStore approximately 15 years! Back then it was called "P&R Products". 

What product or products of ours have you used and benefited from?  

Many of the products I have used; from helmets (I have owned the Cairns N5A, N6A, 360 & 660, the N5A being my favorite by far!) to turnout gear, and also 5.11 clothing

Tell us a short story about how a product we sell saved your life or kept you safe on a fire or accident scene:

 I have used several helmets (N5A New Yorker, specifically) that I purchased from TheFirestore to keep me safe not only in day to say firefighting activities put also when I instructor fire service programs in the Commonwealth of PA.


Thanks, Jim!

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