Monday, April 9, 2012

On Scene Review: Stanley Tools Fatmax FuBar Tool

 -Our blog, On Scene with TheFireStore & The FireGeezer Blog are working together doing a review program of products we think you'll benefit from hearing an inside perspective. -

We were given the opportunity to review the Stanley tools Fubar 18" forcible entry tool. The tool is designed much like a multipurpose demolition tool that is adapted for the fire service world.

Overall the tool shows to be of quality construction and made of a single piece of steel. We were able to place the tool in a variety of fire related situations.

As a hydrant wrench it lacks enough leverage in the shortened version of the tool. The fit on the hydrant nut and caps was snug and did not slip.

The gas shut off feature did not fit the commercial shutoffs that are found in our area.

The spanner wrench was used on pin lock as well as lug design. Both had adequate grip and turned without difficulty. The tool is heavy for use as a primary spanner wrench, but works well as a substitute.

As a forcible entry tool, the 18" model had significant grip but lacked enough leverage to effectively open the door. The 30" model would do much better at that.

We were able to use the "board tool" to rip off sub-roofing lumber and it worked very well. We were not able to try it on wood siding, however. But I think it would do just as well for the task.

Depending on your needs, the 18-inch tool may be practical for a command or first response type vehicle where space limitations require a multipurpose tool in a small package. For an engine or rescue squad though, I recommend the 30-inch model.

Kevin Scott
Lieutenant - Operations
Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department