Monday, February 6, 2012

On Scene Review: Res-Q-Me, Personal Keychain Tool

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 I had the opportunity to test the Res-Q-Me personal key chain tool. It is obviously meant to be carried in a pocket or purse while off-duty as a self-aid for an emergency.  It is compact and easy to carry.

While it is designed for personal use as a pocket tool, I also tested it as a work tool as well.

In the past, I have utilized a commercial-style spring-loaded center punch to take out a vehicle's window. The Res-Q-Me tool is light weight and easy to use. One quick push on the tool at the windows edge is all it took to shatter the glass. 

The seatbelt cutter is sharp and effective. It is however a small tool which caused an issue attempting to locate it from within the pocket of my turnout coat. I would suggest that it be attached by a ring to another tool or hooked onto the turnout coat. 

I am impressed with its ease of use and would highly recommend purchasing a few for family members; it will make a great gift for their key chain and is very affordably priced.

...... Deputy Chief Steve Weissman
, Stafford County Fire and Rescue

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