Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Product: Newark Combo Tool, Roof Hook with ADZ & Spike, 44"

Fire Hooks came out with another great tool that we feel you must know about!  The Newark Combo Tool, Roof Hook with ADZ & Spike 44" is one of those tools that can tackle a hundred different tasks on the fire scene!

Here are some of the features:
  •  Drop forged, one piece alloy steel construction
  • Adz and spike for prying, pulling, and forcible entry
  • NY Roof style hook head is specially tapered for a variety of uses including overhaul
  • Features Celtex grips at middle of tool for efficient handling
  • Includes heavy duty adjustable nylon carry strap with sewn-in hi-vis trim
  • 44” long, 14 lbs.
At just around 14lbs, and with the convenience of the nylon strap and the Celtax grip in the middle, this tool is one of those that's just perfect for anything on the scene that comes your way!

For more details and to see this product in 360 degrees on our website, click here.


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