Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10% off ALL Cairns Helmets, Shop Now!

Folks, savings THIS good  on ALL of our Cairns helmets is hard to come by! So now is the time to get your hands on that N5A or N6A Leather you've been dying for. 10% off is a huge chunk of change to save!  

Maybe you're looking for a fiberglass helmet, like a 1010 or 1044, which still have that great traditional look but are much more lightweight. We've got those, too!

Or perhaps your department wears the more modern helmet style like 660C Metro or the HP3 Commando? Yep, all 10% off!

So make sure to take advantage of this great sale and cruise through our huge stock of Cairns Helmets today! 

*You MUST enter promo code TENCAIRNS to save 10% on Cairns helmets. Discount will not be applied unless promo code is entered on the cart page. Clicking on refresh cart button will calculate and display your savings. Offer ends at 11:59AM EST on January 20, 2011 OR while supplies last.

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