Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Great Gift Alerts: Monopoly, Firefighters Edition

One of the perfect gifty-type items we have for Firefighters right now that would be perfect for the holidays is our Monopoly: Firefighters Edition.  

As you buy, sell and trade your favorite properties, you’ll need to use all of your fire and rescue skills to take command of the firehouses and headquarters on the board. If you succeed, not only will lives be saved and heroism rewarded, but you’ll get an instant promotion to Fire Chief!
This game is designed for firefighters, their friends and family, too. So be sure to have one of these under the tree for that special firefighter in your life.
Heck, once all the presents are opened, you can break out the game and get a little friendly family competition going.
As you can see from the picture above, our showroom is stocked with plenty of Monopoly's under the tree! So come on in and grab yours today or check it out online, here.
(Also available in EMS Edition and Law Enforcement Edition!)


brandonkaren said...

I saw people buying a monopoly set on a tiktok discord server and im traumatized. Who would want a monopoly set as a christmas gift?

brandonkaren said...

I had imagined if I kept the monopoly my mom bought in a storage box it would be safe. But it turns out the storage box was not airtight. Since then, ive grieved the loss of that monopoly set which all my family members used to play on. Hopefully I saved some of it and now store it in an
airtight storage box from storageboxdirect.

brandonkaren said...

Do you have a house warranty? If not, you should definitely get it since it comes in handy in these situations