Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shelby FLEX TUFF Gloves & a free FireCalc

This week we have a special promotion going we think you'll love.

When you purchase a pair of the Shelby 5291 FLEX TUFF Structural firefighting gloves, you'll receive a FREE Akron: FireCalc 9900 Pocket Calculator. 

These gloves are awesome! They come pre-curved, aligning with the way your hand naturally curves, are NFPA approved, made from Koala gold-split cowhide, lifetime guarantee for liner pullout, reflective safety enhancements, and made in the good old USA. 
So when you purchase a pair of these great gloves, in either gauntlet or wristlet style you'll receive this Akron: FireCalc Pocket Calculator completely free as a gift from us!  This FireCalc is a necessity when it comes to fire training and is preprogrammed to calculate:

    • Engine Pressure
    • Friction Loss
    • Flow Rate (Straight Tip or Fog Nozzle)
    • Reaction Force (Straight Tip or Fog Nozzle)
    • Application Rate

So be sure to pop on over to our online website and get yourself some great gloves and a free FireCalc, today!


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