Monday, November 28, 2011

On Scene Reviews: Storm Fleece Job Shirt

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The 5.11 Storm Fleece job shirt has a new water-repellent fabric that was provided for our test. We felt that the best person to check out this new feature would be an engine driver, so we asked Technician Paul Hines of Rescue Engine 14 to give it a workout.


Thank you for allowing me to test and review this 5.11 Storm Fleece job shirt for TheFireStore. I wore it to work every day of the test period and washed it several times.

The pullover held up well, and doesn't show any sign of unnecessary wear and tear. I'm a big fan of the mock collar, especially since it is made of the same material as the rest of the jacket and is very comfortable.
It is very warm, but I never caught myself sweating in it, which was surprising since the weather is just beginning to get cold enough to be wearing long sleeves.

This new model of the 5.11 line is featuring a water-repellent fabric that I was anxious to try out.

Twice I wore it in light rain conditions, and the water just beaded up on the outside and brushed right off, just like the company claimed it would. It did not soak into the fabric at all. I am curious to see if this water-shedding feature fades over time and washings, or if it continues to hold up. So far so good, though. That's a great feature of the Storm Fleece model.

My only negative comment would be fit. I personally would like the body to be less bulky. I couldn't go any smaller due to sleeve length, but could use a bit less in the body. I was wearing a size Large.
The jacket did shrink a little after first wash, but no more than expected from any garment, so no complaints there.

Overall I am very happy with this job shirt and I'm looking forward to a lot of good use out of it in the future.


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