Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In simple terms, It's a Better Barf Bag.

The barf bag has come a long way with this new invention by Ramedic: The Hurl-e. A fun play on words it is, but it boasts a product with convenience due to it's pocket-size, that all First Responders would benefit from having on hand.

As First Responders, dealing with all sorts of sticky (sometimes quite literally) situations is the name of the game. But, having a bag on hand like this that easily deploys within seconds, with a 2 liter capacity will end the days of scrambling for something, anything, to "catch" the unexpected.

The bag comes with a break-away neck strap, making it possible to be hands-free (like a bib) for someone who may not have the use of their hands, and has a flat bottom so it can be set down without tipping. Once the bag is ready to be thrown out, it folds up easily for a quick and painless disposal.

While I realize this topic can sometimes be a humorous one, it doesn't negate the fact that this bag will be a lifesaver, sparing you the unnecessary exposure to germs and disease.

It's possible to see how having a few of these bags on hand as a parent of a child who gets carsick could radically change your life, too. A quick, easy, containable way to deal with sickness versus a carseat, rugs, and clothing all full of germs, not to mention, smells.

For people like you, who work in ever-changing, unpredictable environments, having a Hurl-e, Pocket-Sized All purpose Emesis container on hand will make your life much easier. Trust me.

And if you don't trust me, you can leave it to the testimonials.

Firefighter Ara Hagopian - Los Angeles City Fire Department, California
"Great Product. Great craftsmanship. Well made. Great idea, wish I thought of it!!! Life saver!!! For us we use it almost everyday in the field."
Lt./Medic Joel J. Morris, Jr. – Shelby Twp. Fire/Rescue, Michigan
"As a paramedic of 20 years and firefighter of 15 years, I have seen a lot of products and gadgets come and go. The Hurl-e is a very well thought out product. It performs excellently, it is very cost effective, and greatly reduces our chances of being exposed to bodily fluids."

For more detailed product information, quick ordering, and even more testimonials, click here.

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