Friday, September 2, 2011

Send in your On Scene Photos!

Did you know we have a Flickr Page filled with On Scene photos from those who work at TheFireStore and also as Firefighters/EMT's/Paramedics?

The title of this blog space is "On Scene" for a few reasons. One of them being that we want to start featuring some of your On Scene photos and start adding them to our Flickr page!

So here's how you can send in your pictures:

-Email your photo directly in to, include the attached photo & any captions or story that goes along with the photo.

-Upload your photo to our Facebook Page wall. If you want to have a caption added, and your name/Fire Department name you run with, please specify.


If you have a great picture & story of how you've used our products on scene, email it in and we may choose your photo to be featured in an entire blog post of it's own!

Some examples of On Scene photos from our own employees:

To go to our Flickr Site at any time, click on the badge on the top right side of our blog.


We look forward to seeing your photos, and have a happy & safe holiday weekend!

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