Monday, February 13, 2012

On Duty with Jeff, Firefighter.

"On Duty" are posts in which we highlight employees of TheFireStore who are not only committed to serving our customers throughout the workday, but also spend their free time serving in the industry they love.

What is your job at TheFireStore and what does it entail?
      At TheFireStore I work in the Bids & Quotes Department. I prepare competitively priced quotes for customers so they can purchase our products at a reasonable price. This helps our customers with being able to serve their communities with the best equipment while not exceeding their budget.  

In what line of service are you and for how long have you been serving?
      I have been a firefighter for 8 years. I joined the Minquas Fire Company No.2 of the Downingtown Fire Department during my freshman year of high school. I started off as a junior firefighter and most recently held the rank of Lieutenant during the years of 2010 and 2011.  

What do you love most about being a Firefighter?
      I really enjoy the “brotherhood” of the fire service. We are a family that depends on each other to get the job done in a time of another persons need. There is no greater feeling then seeing a group of firefighters work as a team to save someone’s life or assist a person when they need it most.  

Do you enjoy working in the fire service in both your professional and personal life? Why?
      Yes, because it helps me better understand the needs of the service as a whole. I have learned about many new products here that customer’s have given me their opinions on that I have taken to my fire company. It also has given me a different perspective on how to budget costs while ensuring we still can serve the community with the best equipment.

How have you felt your experience has helped you better aid our customers? Any specific examples?
      I feel my knowledge in the fire service has reflected the customer service I have been able to provide to our customers. For example, if a customer has a question about one our products that I have personally had experience with I can offer my opinion or knowledge about the product. I believe we are the best company that truly reflects “firefighters serving firefighters”

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